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Mobile Technologies: How We Can Innovate

Businesses can no longer afford to ignore the mobile movement. There’s pressure from a workforce who demands access to key resources while on the move and mounting evidence mobile is much more than just a channel for engaging customers. In fact, Gartner Research predicts consumers will spend more than $2.1 trillion in technology products and services this year alone. Mobile users will also download more than 36 billion applications and nearly catch desktops in total Internet usage before the year’s end. The question is not whether your business should adapt to these trends – but how.

In response to the many questions we field from customers looking to enter the exploding mobile market, idoiτ can assist you along your journey towards going mobile. Each article will cover a different aspect of mobile marketing using plain language for non-technical readers and enough detail to provide value to anyone. Beginning with an overview of the market, the series will cover the mobile readiness of your business, how to create an effective mobile strategy, what you need to know to develop a successful mobile solution, and how to manage the mobile life cycle post-deployment and beyond.

We hope you come back soon to learn more! In the meantime, if you have questions or comments you would like us to address, please let us know!

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