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Happy 2,000,000 .CA domains!

Today CIRA (the company behind .CA domains) passed 2 million  domain milestone. Even though this was a highly anticipated moment for CIRA,the company hasn't issued any press release to announced this milestone.

However, the company released a list of 22 facts on Facebook ,asking you to find the seven bogus Canadian facts.

Among the facts listed by CIRA on Facebook are:

Two million Canadians are studying French as a second language.

Canada has over two million lakes.

In 1988, two million Canadians signed a petition to bring back the Beachcombers.

Two million litres of maple syrup were produced in Ontario in 2011.

Canadian skier Greg Hill climbed and skied over two million feet of mountains in 2010.

"Eh” is said 2 million times an hour, on average in Canada.

Two million Canadian homes were landline free in 2011.

Two million Canadians apologize daily when someone steps on their foot.

Nunavut encompasses two million square kilometres, 1/5 of Canada's total land mass.

Wayne Gretzky's salary during his first season with the LA Kings was $2 million.

Two million Canadians reported "Kids in the Hall” was their all-time favourite TV show.

Fully loaded, prelaunch weight of the Space Shuttle, including the Canadarm, was two million kg.

According to CIRA.CA website, there are 2,000,867 registered .CA domain names at this moment.

The Canadian Internet Registry Autority (CIRA) hit the 1 million domain milestone on April 16th,2008.

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