Multilingual 'wordplaying' at your service!

You hear people say, "Oh! all good and clever names are already taken!" Now, if you wonder how some of the domain names owned by idoiτ are invented, the answer is AlphabetGenie! AlphabetGenie is a service that generates words from the input language L1 to the output language L2, by tweaking n number of letter in the words in L1. AlphabetGenie is a powerful service for many target audiences, and idoiτ reserves the right to use it. For commercial reasons, it is just an in-house alpha version of the service and it's not open to public yet, but stay tuned! If you are a domaineer, you will have plenty of usage for this upcoming service which will recruit Google App Engine and become available at in future.

If you are a developer or you have an idea, we will be more than glad to hear from you, please feel free to Contact Us!